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Deep calming breaths, just tak
Deep calming breaths, just take a deep calming breath and shut out the voices.
Not the voices of others, but the voices of your own mind.
It runs and chases but goes nowhere and all the places its not wanted to go.
Internal and external fight for the attention, you need both but can only seem to grasp one.
That one is the one thing you don't need. The voice of doubt and uncertainty.
It all starts out logical, working out the possibilities, and all outcomes.
You tell yourself that it is just to plan for all reactions so you can prepare.
Then the voice changes, still holding logic up high it carries on down the road further then you want.
You try to shut it out with distractions and forces both subtle and harsh.
Harsh is like a match in the dark, a quick flare and then nothing.
The subtlety is used against you without you realising till it's too late and you give up the struggle.
You are too deep in the woods for the external voices to reach you and are lost to all but the one voice.
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There is a curse, one that has
There is a curse, one that has no warnings till it is too late.
This curse tells you of its arrival, but not of its journey to you.
Only you are able to to inflict this curse on yourself and on no one else.
It is a lifelong affliction if you are truly cursed with it.
Some would call it a blessing but in truth it is a double edged blade.
You can use it for a time but have no sign of when it will slice into you.
With this curse cliches become abundant but for a reason, they become your way to communicate with those without the weight on their shoulders.
This curse, as those with will surly understand, is knowledge.
Ignorance truly is bliss.
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The low damp of what was once
The low damp of what was once thought to have passed seeps back from the recesses of the past.
Clouding all clear and clean smiles that gives the giant his jolly name.
The mystifying expressionless face the world encounters is the best for it.
For with the dank mist comes the unreasoning bloodlust.
The desire to separate all around from the shrinking being in the fog.
No light is seen in the depression but the jolly giant must find Jimmy and walk lot till the forest is seen for the trees once again.
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Naughty Nurse by jg89 Naughty Nurse :iconjg89:jg89 3 3
Life moves around me.
The chameleon is dead,
The mask is down,
The face of Peter is shown for the first time.
The giant is slain,
The dragon set free,
And the calm understanding of life is here.
The name is true,
The mind is quiet,
And the truth of ones existence is clear.
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My body
The knees become weaker and start to give way
The palms become dryer and start to feel sore
The fingers become numb and start to twitch
The brain becomes loud but only wants silence
The skin becomes tense and awaits the cold and warmth
The blood becomes still and yearn to flow
The eyes become unfocused and start to roll
The heart becomes furious and wishes to be still
The mind races in anticipation of the reaper.
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Drink by jg89 Drink :iconjg89:jg89 1 0
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
the heart beatin the back of ones neck.
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
everyhiar brushing aganst the dreesing gownd.
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
true speed of ones reactions when falling.
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
of the slight decrease in temprture on ones bare legs between the top of the socks and bottom of the dressing gownd.
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
the silence that surronds ones self in the dead of night.
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
the silence that has briefly visted the many layers of ones mind.
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
the true unfathomability of the enevitably of ones own demise.
Its strangly freeing to be aware of
that one is dieing.
:iconjg89:jg89 2 0
Why must I hope for the future
When I know that the future is what has happened before.
The future is the same as the past
And I know it so why do i hope for something new.
The worst pain is that of hope
Being taken away after you believe in it with your heart
And even after you learn that your hope is miss placed
You still have that nagging voice in the back of your head
Saying it might, it might.
Even though you know its worthless you still cling to that voice
That is why you hope and that why hope hurts so much.
:iconjg89:jg89 2 7
Mask and Sponge
I absorb the sadness of those around me
Like a sponge in water
I take it all in without a word of complaint
Unlike a sponge I seem to have no limit
The more im around sadness
The more I take in.
I radiate smiles
Not long after I arrive they all smile
I don’t know how
But the smiles become contagious
Everyone smiles and laughs
While im left wearing the mask
Due to radiating, I am left hollow
Every smile I give is apart of my soul
The more smiles they wear
The weaker mine becomes
Yet none notice
Thanks to the mask
:iconjg89:jg89 2 11
i want to be there with you
i want to be there for you,
if you dont want me to be i will be waiting
in the background incase you do want me there,
i want to be with you,
i want to hug you and tigle you
i want to make you laugh and hold you when your sad,
be your punching bag when your angry,
be there to listen when you want to talk,
to talk when you just want to listen,
to carry you when you cant walk,
to encourage you when you need it,
to run a mile when you call.
In short i want to be there with you.
:iconjg89:jg89 2 11
The Truth
The truth within is what should be hiden.
If its not then,
my muscle flex,
my face grins,
my fingers twitch on the blades,
that would slice and dice everything in sight.
They would kill all, known and unknown.
I would mutilate everything in sight and hunt for more.
The true nature of the combination of Draco and myself.
would be relested and all hell would be mine.
I would be true to what is within.
:iconjg89:jg89 1 4
Pressure of ability Take 2
The pressures of ability,
All that weight on one man
The pressure of ability,
You’re forced to do all you can,
All you want is to live
But you’re forced to exceed
All you want is to live
But you’re forced to lead
Its not who you are
But you’re forced to fail
Its not who you are
But you leave the trail
You don’t want to exceed
You don’t want to lead
You don’t want to fail
You just want to be.
:iconjg89:jg89 1 0
Pressures Of Ability
Why am I the way I am?
Its personality as well as life
My personality is that of skill
And as a result one of pressure
You can do anything
You’re the best around
Can you help me?
You can do better then this
These are the lines I hear
All will rebel against what is
My rebellion is that of tolerability
I chose not to exceed the minimum
But at that I fail
You can do great things
We expect a lot from you
Don’t forget us when you’re famous
I will be looking out for you as Britain’s Brain
Why must the pressure to exceed be put on me?
All I want to don is survive
All I want is to be happy
An yet all I get is more of the above.
Your Mr. Perfect
Everything is easy for you
That may be true but I don’t want it to be
I just want to be me.
:iconjg89:jg89 1 0
Squirrel by jg89 Squirrel :iconjg89:jg89 0 5 Vieny arms by jg89 Vieny arms :iconjg89:jg89 3 9

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hi fokes, iv updated with a few new small bit iv wrote on the way to work and have another piece on its way. Im not sure why im posting this tho as iv been gone so long most of my followers wont remember who i am lol


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